Welcome to Surprise Valley, California!

Surprise Valley Map Icon You'll find us nestled between the Warner Mountain Range in northeastern California and the Hayes Range in Nevada. Approximately 70 miles long and averaging ten miles wide, Surprise Valley is graced with exquisite natural beauty, fertile agricultural land, pristine air, diverse wildlife, and is home to four rural, welcoming and historic towns: Cedarville, Eagleville, Fort Bidwell and Lake City.

Our small communities retain that authentic "Old West" flavor introduced by the hardy and hopeful pioneers who settled this area in the mid-nineteenth century. Cattle ranching and alfalfa hay production fuel our local economy. Cattle drives still take place across open terrain and along valley byways so be sure and have your camera handy at all times when you come to visit.

Today, we enjoy playing host to visitors drawn by our barbecues, dances, tribal Pow Wows, the Modoc District Fair, parades, art shows, sports tournaments, outdoor recreational opportunities, and so much more.

You'll find a good selection of accommodations in the area, from homey ranch lodging with corrals for your horses to economical motels, historic inns, RV parks, campgrounds, and a well-appointed resort featuring private hot springs-fed spas behind each room.

With a variety of fine dining choices, quaint shops, and outdoor adventures limited only by your capabilities and imagination, Surprise Valley is a popular destination for those looking for anything from a relaxed and pampered weekend to the most rustic vacation experience off the beaten path.


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